Goga Gordana Sredojević

CEO, co-owner and Manager

I was a journalist and an magazine editor for 18 years. In the best time of journalism. I know a great story when I see one. And the best thing you can give to anyone is a great story. I value storytelling and life experiences that should be shared through the best articles, videos and posts. Throughout my carrer I have been creative, stubborn and persistent. I value good events, good books, good journalism and fresh content on social media. Most of all I enjoy being in a classroom in front of the students and people ready to learn. It is not just the matter of content it is also a matter of experience that I teach.

Tel: +386 40 690 188

Email: goga@mgm-mediaoptima.com

Milan Sredojević

Project Manager, co-owner

The person that is most likely to be with you while travelling and exploring places with us, is Milan. He makes great ambience during the trips and many journalists and social media influencers like to join our trips once again because they love travelling in his company. Otherwise Milan comes from sport area. His field of expertice is tennis. He is greta tennis player and also great tennis coach. With faculty degree for tennis coach that he got in Belgrade, Serbia, where he was born. He was also responsible for national champions titles in Serbia and Slovenia till the 18th of age. He preferes to work on the field, so travelling and spending time with new people is the line of work he likes the most.

Tel: +386 40 690 188

Email: milan@mgm-mediaoptima.com

Majda Vesel

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Tel: +386 40 690 188

Email: majda@mgm-mediaoptima.com